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sweet cars
What exactly is sweet cars? Does it have to be cool? Exotic? Cute? Powerful? Or does it have to have a sweet car girls or any hot car girls stand beside? Sweet means having the taste of sugar or honey in your mouth, therefore a sweet car will make you feel like there is honey in your mouth when you see it! MalaysiaMiniLover had shared you the sweetest cars from all around the world. If you love cars you are up against a global conspiracy to destroy your spirit. You must rebel and you should buy the fastest and most beautiful car that falls into your grasp, that’s what I mean of sweet car!

Well, sweet cars not only make you feel sweet, it will give you the feel like having a pleasing disposition, feel lovable, take an example, a pimped out cars. It doesn’t have to be an outrageous car or tricked out cars. It can be a daily car such as Ford Focus, Audi A4 as long as it touched your heart when you see it and drive it. Personally, I love Mini Cooper regardless of a MINI Cooper S R56 or a Pimped Out Classic Mini Cooper Cars.

sweet cars

On the other hand, you can go for a cheap car like cars under 500 dollars or project cars for sale, and Customize your own car to make it your sweet car. Take the Audi A4 for example, there are a lot of High performance parts for audi a4 for you to modify or upgrade your car to your own preference.

Angelina’s personal sweet cars list is as below:

And off course, this is just the basic list for all the sweet cars… it is unfinished… Hope you enjoy!

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