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Very very hot car girls pictures from east to the west is now available to view and download here, especially hot girls with hot, sexy, and cool cars pictures. Hot girls just like pretty car girls and sweet car girls, they have got no 100% definition on it, but they do come in all very good shapes, sizes and types. Generally, hot car girls has to be hot, spicy, make you feel like eating her while you look at her post besides exotic car, pimped out cars, muscle car, or super cars, that is call “Hot girls”.

What makes a girl hot?
asian hot car girls

  • Rule number one, she has to be SEXY!
  • Hot car girls can reproduce sexually.
  • Their sexual attraction is an attraction.
  • Usually they have a perfect body with perfect boobs and ass, perfect bodyline.
  • Hot girls attract other members of the same species for sexual or erotic activity.
  • Perfect physical, soul and spiritual appearance.
  • Hot girls could make you to stop breathing.
  • FLAT stomach.
  • A face with 80% pretty angel face and 20% of devil face.

More and more definition collected from people around the world is such as the curves, slender legs, small stomach, round breasts, pretty face…etc. So, what is your own definition?

Aren’t these girls are hot? Do check out this London Sixties model, TWIGGY, who post besides the last generation Mini Cooper MK7 in year 2000.

Well, some said Britney Spears is one of the hottest girls when she post beside a car, what do you think? Check out these Western hot car girls…

hot car girls

Hot car girls can be models that wear as less as cloth they can, but not really must be in lingerie. Do check this out, the Lingerie-Themed Mini Clubman that show out with few hot girls which make the Mini Clubman become one of 10 Most Outrageous Paint Jobs of 2008.

Have enough blood to bleed from ya nose?

There is a humor talk that the normal human body temperature is at 98.6, with an average of 97 to a 100. If a girl has a temperature above 100 degrees while she stand or post beside a super cars, she would be considered a hot car girls.

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