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Buy a luxury car to get rich?

Have you ever heard of buy a luxury car in order to get rich? This may sound ridiculous because it should be get rich and buy a luxury car but not buy a luxury car to get rich. There is a case similar to this had happened with one of my friend who works as sales representative in BMW showroom and he is willing to share the story here.

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Justin Bieber’s Ferrari

Sports cars and super stars have long been intertwined. Celebrity who made millions of dollars a year own any exotic cars is no longer something new or fresh, so does Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. However, a little collision or accident is definitely fresh news, especially for this young super star.

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6 Notable Ferrari Models

Here we sort out six notable Ferrari models that will make your saliva flow out from your mouth by just look at these cars. These Ferrari models were into production when internet hasn’t become common. Thus, the Ferrari wallpaper is actually a wallpaper or poster that hangs on the wall in the house. Not wallpaper in the internet. Well, for some people who love cars, these car models may imprint in their brand when they look at the poster hanging on the wall when they are young although they may …

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Car buying tips: Buy a Proton Saga

This is a very good and useful car buying tips written by one of Malaysiaminilover’s editor about buying a Proton Saga. When a person plans to buy either a new car or a used car, many factors have to put into consideration. This article has almost all the factors you need to consider either buying a new car or used car. Hope it helps our readers here. The article starts here.

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5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission

Here are the 5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission. Some of these car symptoms can be felt, can be seen, and can be hear. All these symptoms tell that the transmission is failing and actions have to be taken. Sometimes it may just car owner did not follow the car maintenance schedule and forget to replace the transmission oil. Read up these top 5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission and you may save the cost to repair the gear box.