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Honda Civic Hybrid battery replacement


How much does Honda Civic hybrid battery replacement cost? Honda Civic Hybrid has been one of the top choices for hybrid cars since it was introduced. Many people chase after this car due to its quality and high ratings from many car reviews professionals. The true cost to own a car or the calculation of average annual cost of a car is different for hybrid cars, where the battery replacement cost must also be included in the calculation.

Honda Civic Hybrid was first introduced in Japan somewhere near end of 2001 and then the car was bring to the U.S. in spring 2002 as 2003 model year. Follow the popularity of the original gas-powered Honda Civic, the Hybrid is a big hit to the market because of the fuel consumption. So, how much does it really cost for the battery replacement? What are the hidden-cost that salesmen will never tell? Can the car battery be repaired?

Honda Civic Hybrid

Many questions will certainly rise in the mind when one considering buying the Civic Hybrid. Honda is backing up all these questions with the coverage of 8-year or 80,000 miles warranty to the Honda Civic Hybrid battery. According to our readers, many Honda Civic Hybrid drivers are actually exceeding that mileage and the battery is still in good working condition. However, if you are buying a used Honda Civic Hybrid that has mileage close to 80,000 or car age close to 8 years, you will have to put the battery replacement cost into the calculation. In some states, the Honda Civic Hybrid’s battery is covered by 10-year or 150,000 miles warranty.

The replacement for hybrid car battery is inevitable as hybrid’s battery has its own lifecycle. In case the replacement is really needed, owners will have to prepare around $3000 to $4000 dollars for the battery replacement. In other words, at least $4000 dollars must be included for the battery replacement when calculating the true cost to own this car.

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