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Have you ever wonder how the Ford logo looks like a century ago? Do you know how the logo was transformed to today’s logo that you can find on all the Ford cars? Car logo is considered to be the best tool to promote instant public recognition. It takes many years for a successful company to gain public recognition on their logo and it is important for car sales. Here are Ford logo eight most notable changes over the time.

Early Ford Logo

Henry Ford is a successful business man. He used to work for Thomas Edison and then found two companies before settling on Ford. The first company went bankrupt after two years and he left the second company after a year, which later on became the famous Cadillac. On June 16, 1903, Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company.

early Ford Logo

The first logo is, and always is, a little complicated for most of the famous brand, neither for Ford. The logo in 1903 is in black background with script lettering “Ford Motor Co. DETROIT. – MICH. –“. It was designed by Henry Ford’s assistant and right-hand man, Harold Wills. This logo can be seen at the early Ford model T. (See Henry Ford’s first car)

Ford logo in 1909 has a similar font as today’s logo. The font was borrowed from Childe Harold Wills, who had made this font for his business card. Ford logo in 1912 was changed to winged triangle added with the world “THE UNIVERSAL CAR”. It was originally designed to symbolize speed, lightness, grace, and stability. However, Henry Ford dislikes the logo and it was changed immediately with an oval.

Ford Oval Logo

Ford Oval Logo

Ford Oval Logo is the most significant and noteworthy among all the Ford logos. It was first introduced in 1927 together with the legendary Ford Model A. Ford Oval logo is in fabulous blue which only minor changes over the time until today’s logo.

Ford 1927 logo was used until 1957. Ford Motor Company made a little changes and the logo shape going from ellipse to circle to diamond shape. Ford logo in 1976 was essentially the last major change in the symbol. It was used on all Ford cars and it is very similar to the current logo in terms of the font and color.

Current Ford Logo

Ford Logo

Since 1976, Ford oval logo was widely used as an icon on all Ford vehicles. In 2003, Ford Motor Company released a new logo which known as “Centennial Blue Oval” and all the new Ford cars are using this logo. Car logo is the identities that are essential to build a brand as well as a permanent identity for every car lovers. As we can see the changes for Ford logo over the time, Ford logo is one of the most successful logo in the world.

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