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Can bumper cars cause miscarriage?


Can I ride on amusement park bumper cars if I am pregnant? Will it cause miscarriage? Can riding on bumper cars in amusement park cause miscarriage? We advice pregnant women do not ride on any bumper cars. This is definitely not a good idea because bumper cars are trembling when one bump to another.

Bumper cars are always colliding repeatedly. When the collision happens, a pregnant women’s belly will bump into the bumper cars steering wheel, seat belt, and also the dashboard. Bumper cars are mostly made of plastic and when this material hit with pregnant women’s belly, the trauma will cause bleeding or placental abruption. That is dangerous and therefore we do not encourage pregnant women or pregnant lady to ride on any bumper cars.

At most of the amusement park, there are signboards to warn riders with heart attack and some are to warn pregnant people. However, some small-size amusement parks do not have signs to warn pregnant women and people who have heart problems.

Some ob-gyn and nurses give advices and said it will not bring danger to women below 14 weeks pregnancy. However, if it is not necessary why take the risk? Bumper cars are jerking all around once you ride on it. In conclusion, bumper cars can cause miscarriage and it is not advisable to ride on it during pregnancy.

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