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Scion is a new comer to automobile industry and Scioncars are the youngest car brand on the car market today.

Scion was give birth by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2002 to target North American market, especially Generation Y (young people) or the next generation.

Scion Logo

Scion Logo

In few years time, there are a few Scion cars had been introduced to the market. First few 2002 Scion models such as Scion xB and Scion tC had successfully gained some attraction during the 2002 New York Auto Show.

The next year, Scion introduced Scion xA and then Scion xD. The company quickly found a home in buyers’ heart and Scion cars are available across

the country in 2004. One of the reason why the company grown fast is because it is part of the Toyota family. Quality, reliability, and dependability is what people want from Scion.

Scion significant Models

  • Scion xA – 2003 until present.
  • Scion xB – 2011 Scion xB MSRP price: $16,000 – $16,950
  • Scion tC – 2011 Scion tC MSRP price: $18,275 – $19,275
  • Scion xD – 2011 Scion xD MSRP price: $15,045 – $17,705
  • Scion iQ – 2011 Scion iQ MSRP price: $14,215

Well, as the youngest and most energetic car brand, not much of Scion models have been built in just few years time. Other than the current top four car models available for sale listed above, there are some of the marvelous Scion cars like the first generation Scion xA RS. Scion concept cars include Scion Hako and Scion Fuse concept.

In conclusion, Scion cars are considered as small bird but equipped with everything you need to bring to go everywhere you want at reasonable price. Scion, United by Individuality.

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