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Pretty car girls pictures from west to east have been collected here, especially car show girl pictures. Pretty girl has got no definition on it, they come in all shapes, sizes and types. 2 girls who are opposites can be equally pretty. The judgment of pretty for East and West is different as well. Hereby we have shared out some of the pictures just like sweet car girls.

pretty car show girl from Korea

General defination

  • A pretty girl at car show can be someone who is fun, nice, charming, funny and chilled.
  • She can be someone who is cool, hot, and a sexy dancer!
  • Car show girls who stand besides a car will look pretty with nice and long legs, with big smile, with nice tidy white teeth.
  • Eastern and Western are different from their eyes, western usually with nice big blue or green eyes while eastern with nice dark and deep looking eyes.
  • They come with full and alluring lips, long pretty hair. Well, some models are pretty with short hair.
  • Nice boobs, nice ass, and hot long legs!
  • It’s not always the looks that count. Some of the models for Mr. A is ugly but for Mr. B is pretty.

Let’s see some pretty, sexy yet hot Korea car show girls:

Here you go for Japan, “kawaii neh~” 🙂

Then you will wanna see how pretty China car show girls is!

Right now look at these Western car show girls.. “wow!” Well, if Britney Spears wanted to, she can be a sexy western car show girl, see Britney Spears and her Mini Cooper.

Not to forget the “Land of Smile”, “Land of sexy car girls” ~~ Thailand!

Having enough to see all these pretty car girls picture from different countries?

A pretty girl has to be self-confidence, personality, and with the sweet car girl’s look. And off course, a pretty car girl has to love car. Besides, you can find out some muscle car wallpaper, pimped out cars, and some interesting pictures provided from this blog, enjoy!

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