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Mini with special body color that blinks

Photo share from Henry Cox/Facebook
If you are rebuilding your Mini and have no idea about body color, perhaps a 3K pearl paint with special effect? It is unique, special, and it blinks. That’s Mini!

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World’s most desirable garage

What kind of garage or car park is ideal to park a couple of multi-million dollars exotic cars? When someone owns a few expensive exotic cars, what kind of garage they prefer to build in order to keep their cars in its best condition all the time? Gary Neville’s Teletubbies home? Or something like the one show here? We say it is the world’s most desirable garage because people who love cars can spend more time with their cars while watching television or sleep. What do you say then?


A Unique Velvet MINI Cooper

Photo from Marina Martin/Facebook
This is a unique velvet MINI Cooper from FEDERCLUB MINI ITALIA. Its military camouflage patterns definitely reduce the risk of being recognized by enemy during WAR. Do you like it? Here is another look.

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1995 Mini Tartan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk

This immaculate 1995 Mini Tartan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk is belong to a member of Malaysiaminilover. He, who is a kind man, is sharing some of the private bikini photos of this car to our portal. Mini Tartan is one of the most dazzle MK6 Minis. It was launched in June 1995 and the production is limited to only 1,000 units for the UK market. In Japan, Tartan is an unfamiliar name for Mini collectors. Japanese are more familiar to the name “Sidewalk” which refer to the same car.

Mini Tartan is …

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1972 MKIII Mini Cooper S

A member of Malaysiaminilover, Raymond, has shared us his 1972 Mini Cooper S MKIII. The car is painted in green with standard exterior accessories including stainless steel side mirror, chrome wiper, and Minilite wheels. Under the hood, it is the most sought-after 1275cc Cooper S engine. Raymond paired the engine with twin SU carburetor. The Cooper S achieves an unimaginable record from 0 to 60 mph in less than 11 seconds. Fuel consumption? It won’t be high for a Mini.

Engine bay – 1972 Mini Cooper S