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2012 International Mini Meeting Photos

What??? The Mini is running on water? Yes it is running on water. The car has no gasoline-engine but leg-powered.

There are more than one car on water

2012 International Mini Meeting

2012 International Mini Meeting. Balatonfured, Hungary.

Mini Wagon

New design of a Motorhome?

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We guarantee you never see these Minis before

A blue Mini Pickup with a unique and rare parts on it, can you spot it?

This engine is definitely a crazy one!

What is crazy isn’t the customized body, look deeply under the car hood. Can’t see it clearly? Nevermind, see the next photo.

It’s Cosworth

11 and 177, here we go!

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Mini photo of the day: Bad MINI driver

A MINI driver is believed lost control or overturned the steering wheel resulting the car hit the wall. The picture has proved two things:

MINI can break a tough wall
It is always safe to drive a MINI

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World’s ugliest customize car

Someone, probably a man, has tried to customize this Fiat 126 and it turns out really ugly. It has set a new record as the ugliest customize car in the world. Look at that monster-type bodykits, weird front bumper, rubbish-look-a-like spoiler, creepy car hood and wheels. What the hell he is thinking?
If you want to customize your own car, make sure you have follow the top five steps we mentioned before. Starting from engine and performance parts to chassis and wheels, and then customize the exterior with nice bodykits or …

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Mini photos of the day: Clubman on fire

It’s always sad to share this kind of photo. A Mini Clubman was killed in an accident. As you can see from the photo, the car is on fire and it left nothing but rust by the time firemen put off the fire. Sad, one more Mini has just deleted from the surface of earth. The Mini Clubman was produced by British Leyland from 1969 to 1980 and it was made available in 1,098 cc and 998 cc engine. Now one among the thousands that built from 1969-1980 has gone.