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Mulberry Red Mini 40

1999 Mini 40 Mulberry Red. Photo via greatgrowler on Flickr
The Mini 40 was built in 1999 to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Mini. Only 250 units were built for the UK and this is the 1999 Mini 40 in Mulberry Red. The available color are Island Blue, Mulberry Red, Old English White, and Tahiti Blue Metallic.

Mini 40 Interior with body-colour matched leather seat. Photo via

Mulberry Red Mini 40. Photo via

Mini 40th Anniversary decals on both side

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Car photo of the day: Ferrari kissed truck ass

The driver of a Ferrari F430 somehow somewhat (lost control, oversteer, understeer, step on the gas pedal too much, look at pretty girls, look at trees around) kissed the ass of the truck.

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1999 Mini 40 Anniversary

The Mini 40 was introduced on April 1999 with a limited production of 250 for the United Kingdom. It is one of the last few MK7 Minis and it was made available in four exterior colours including Island Blue, Mulberry Red, Old English White, and Tahiti Blue Metallic. Same as other limited production Minis, the Mini 40 Anniversary featured chrome bumpers, chrome grille, and handles. Gold color “Mini 40” badge at fitted to the bonnet and both side body at sealed with 40th Anniversary decals. At the back, there is …

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Morris Mini Cooper S 1275 MKI

This is a Morris Mini Cooper S MKI with 1275s engine from Japan. The photo is shared from ALEC Classic MINI. MKI Morris Mini Cooper S was built from 1964 to 1967. The Original price during that time was £778. Hydrolastic suspension were added to the car from 1964 and the dashboard comes with a 130mph central speedometer as the car is able to go faster. Today, more than half of these cars have been killed and sold as junk. Some of them have been dissected and their parts are sold …

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Some classic Classic Mini

Now that’s pimped out car!

An old and classic pictures that we will never see the factory again.

Mini Countryman line up.

A classic picture of an Morris Mini 850 DeLuxe.

The Mini is sexy, so does the girl who stands beside the car.

An old photo of a Mini workshop. Number 87, ready to go on the race track?

A nice piece of art from Japan!