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Mitsuoka cars are best for car lover who love cars with unconventional and unusual styling. Mitsuoka is also famous in making retro-classic cars with new technology.

Mitsuoka Motors (光岡自動車) was founded in 1968 in Japan. The brand Mitsuoka is not in the top ten car manufacturer list. It is just a small Japanese automaker but the brand name is not small. It is well-known and their cars are always attractive in any Motor Show.

Mitsuoka Cars

If you love classic cars but no budget to rebuild one or worry about the maintenance or inadequate car parts, Mitsuoka cars are best for you. Many retro-classic cars have been built like the Mitsuoka Galue and Mitsuoka Viewt. In early times, we saw the birth of BUBU Series cars, BUBU 356 Speedster which is a replica of the Porsche 356 Speedsters.

Mitsuoka significant models

  • Mitsuoka Orochi (2001 – present) – Mitsuoka Orochi is an outrageous supercar built by Mitsuoka and debuted in 2001. It is a car to gather attention from everyone, in other words, it is a Fashion-Super Car.
  • Mitsuoka Galue – The Galue is one of the most wanted Mitsuoka cars. Models available for sale: Mitsuoka Galue I, Mitsuoka Galue II, Mitsuoka Galue III, and Mitsuoka Galue Convertible.
  • Mitsuoka Viewt – Mitsuoka Viewt isa modification of the Nissan March/Micra. Model available: K11 Viewt, K12 Viewt.
  • Mitsuoka Himiko – Mitsuoka sports cars.
  • Mitsuoka Cute
  • Mitsuoka Like
  • Mitsuoka Nouera
  • Mitsuoka Ryoga

As a primary coachbuilder, Mitsuoka did not build a lot of cars over the years compare to some other bigger car manufacturers like Toyota or Honda. However, there are some other Mitsuoka cars in the past which is not listed above like Mitsuoka Le Seyde, Mitsuoka MC, Mitsuoka Ray, and Mitsuoka Yuga.

When mention about Mitsuoka, many may think that this car brand is simply a replicar maker. However in 2001, the introduction of Mitsuoka Orochi had let people change the view to this car brand. We believe there will be more exotic Mitsuoka cars in the future.

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