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I need to trace the owner of a car


If you would to ask I need to trace the owner of a car, here is the best place to drop by. You can trace the owner of a car in US, UK, and Asia countries easily. It is often happen in our life that someone had damaged your car and sped away without thinking to pay you. In this case, you can do something later on as long as you got the registration number of the car. How could you do it?

It is understandable that hit and run is happening everyday in every corner around the world. You can claim your own insurance but some times the excess is not worth for you to do it. What can you do is to trace the owner of the car that hit your car and run away!

Trace the owner of a car in UK

In UK, DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the place where you should go to. DVLA stores all UK citizens’ driver and vehicle information. Any kind of vehicle registration, changes to registration certificate, registration for rebuilt cars and kit cars, registration for imported cars, and among others is done here. You can pay few pounds to get the owner of a car. It will be better to provide DVLA a police report and relevant reasons why you need to trace the owner of a car.

Another easy way is go to http://www.direct.gov.uk and type the registration number in the search box. Download the form and provide the reason why you need the information. It is either the owner damaged your car or you would like to offer to buy over the special car registration number.

Trace the owner of a car in U.S

The Federal law, Driver’s Privacy Protection Act prevents any average citizen from obtaining owner of a car. It doesn’t mean you are not able to obtain the information if you really needed. Some good way to do it is:

  • Go through an attorney
  • Go through your insurance company to assist you to claim against the owner
  • Make a police report for the accident and tell them there is a need to trace the owner of a car

Trace the owner of a car in Malaysia

When something happened and you need to trace the owner of a car in Malaysia, go to JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) which similar to DVLA in UK.

How to trace a previous owner of a car

It is simple to trace a previous owner of a car once you have already got the log book in your hand. It is written on the log book, a book handled to you when you purchased the car regardless of a new car or used car.

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In conclusion, when someone hit your car and tries to run away, do not panic, what you need to do is write down or remember the car registration number plate. Hit and run is often something happening daily, all you need to remember is I need to trace the owner of a car.cars on the road

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