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Hello Kitty car accessories for girls

Car accessories for girls almost can be seen everywhere with more and more girls fall in love with cars. Often, these accessories are in pink or soft color that attracts girl driver. Here in Malaysiaminilover, Angelina is going to share some of her girl car accessories, idea to customize your car to make it more girly, and where to find these car accessories that can be easily fixed by girl. If you notice, car accessories shop has got additional accessories available in special colors like pink, red, yellow and most of them in girly style. Guess what, pink is for girls!

Hello Kitty car accessories for girls

Michael Jackson sings “People always told me be careful of what you do and don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts” That is a quote from one of the most famous MJ’s songs Billie Jean. If a girl asks for your help to decorate her cars with pinky style girl accessories, give a help.

Hey girls, what can you change to make a car look lovely, sweet, cute, or Sassy? Here is the A to Z list of what you can do.

  • Car floor Mats: Floor mats are easy to put on and require no drilling or any hard work. Any girls can simply purchase a set of beautiful floor mat and have them put on to the car easily. It is cheap to purchase and will apparently change the interior.  Rubber floor mats are good to protect the original carpet from water, but it does not really look nice. For Hawaiian style lover, see Hawaiian car accessories.
  • Car seat covers: If the original seat color is not what you prefer, considering changing a new seat covers. Hawaiian style or Sheepskin covers look pretty good.
  • Car seat cushions
  • CD/Visor holders: A normal one is totally black, choose one with addition decoration such as a love shape or some nice drawing on it.
  • E-brake handle and Gaiter: Blinking style or according to the theme just look nice.
  • Emblem
  • Gauges: With extra gauges, it tells you extra information you need like temperature gauge in exact degree/Fahrenheit, Oil gauges. It gives extra feeling with beautiful LED lights especially at night. This modification requires a little more knowledge and we suggest you to have it fixed by a specialist.
  • Keychain: It is nothing but an extra accessory to make your key look nicer.
  • Lovely accessories: some extra lovely accessories likeMobile or cell phone holders, GPS holder, air fresheners, cup holder, and flower or love shape car magnet will definitely make your car looks nicer.
  • License frames: License plate can be customize to what you like. It can be Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, or Hello Kitty.
  • License plates
  • Pedals: Lovely look but must efficient to use.
  • Remote starter: It just looks cool (see Remote car starter reviews)
  • Seat belt cover: Some with thicker fabric will give a little bit more comfortable to front passenger.
  • Shift knobs: There are many girl style shift knobs available such as blinking type, stainless steel, diamond look shift knobs that will makes the interior looks good.
  • Sticker and DecalsCool car window decalsFree car decals stickersVolcom car stickers.
  • Steering Wheel Cover: One of the most eye catching girl car accessories.
  • Wheels Cover

Most of the car accessories are usually depend on the “theme” you want the car to be. Some people prefer Playgirl theme, while some may loves Scooby Doo car accessories, Superwomen, Hello Kitty (See the Hello Kitty car registration plates), or Disney theme.

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