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The doorless MINI Moke is reborn with MINI Beachcomber concept

When look at MINI Beachcomber concept, it is very obvious that it has the characteristic of the 1960’s Mini Moke. The front slotted grill, the headlights, signal lights, hang-over side-mirror, and the overall feeling. The Beachcomber concept is like a re-imagined design for the four-seater, roof-less, and open body car.

Sir Alec Issigonis was smoking when he designed the first Mini car. That is the reason why the classic Mini has an ashtray in the middle of the dashboard.


Mini Cooper Car Care

Mini Cooper car care including the correct method to wash the car, dry up the car, clean the car, the best wax to use on a Mini Cooper car, the correct way for detailing, best way to store the car, as well as the best way to keep every single car parts clean and stay shining and look new at all time. A little mistake or misuse of any wrong cleaning product will spoilt any cars, therefore be careful when you want to care your car.

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From Mini to MINI, MINI cars have a long story to tell because this car has been living on earth for more than half century.
It was all started because of fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez Crisis. Sir Alec Issigonis received a task to design an economy small car that able to fit four adults comfortably.


Mini Cooper Clubman

The story of MINI Cooper Clubman could not be finished in an article so we have summarized all you need to know about the Cooper Clubman. The performance of this car, maintenance, selling price, fuel consumption, and the value of this car is show here for your further understanding before you decide to buy this car.

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Mini Article and News

Mini Cooper are what Mini Lovers want to get after hunting for all the cars that available nowadays. There are several models available nowadays from the Classic Mini Cooper to the New BMW Mini Cooper. Some Mini Lovers go for the model or the “taste” they like regardless of which models are better, which are more powerful, or which model is more cool.

The old saying “beauty is in the eyes of the lover” best describes what I have just said. It just like Mr Bean go for the classic MK3 …


Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual

It is a must for Mini Cooper owners to own the owner’s manual. A brand new Mini Cooper will come with a complete owner’s manual. However, 80% of people often lost the manual. This page gathered Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual from year 2001 until present for Mini Cooper Hardtop, Cooper S, Cooper Clubman, Cooper Coupe, Roadster, and Countryman. The download link here will be updated from time to time, if something you need is not here, please contact us or do check back this page.
2002 Mini Cooper Owner’s Manual
This manual is …