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Ford Think electric car

Ford Think was a new electric car introduced by TH!NK Mobility in Spring 2002. The production of Ford Think cars ceased at the same year due to too many recalls and poor sales in America. However, the TH!NK has brought some of the owner some fun and some memories during the short period. Let’s check out what had happened in 2002 for these electric cars.

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Henry Ford’s first car

Henry Ford’s first car built in 1896 has changed not only the automobile industry but the whole world. His first car was a simple, reliable, and affordable with 4 wheels, named the “Quadricycle”. The name came from him because of the car is ran on four wheels using bicycle tires. This first gasoline-powered car built by Henry Ford’s own hand is not at any complete tools workshop that we having today, it is only built at his tiny workshop behind his home on Bagley Avenue.

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Ford Canada announcement: Another small car

Ford Canada had finally made the announcement for small car in Canadian automobile market in year 2010. These small cars may be the Figo or Fiesta. According to Ford Motor Company marketing analyst, he says the demand for small cars will keep on increasing and become the biggest segment of the U.S. market for the next few years. One of the main reasons is the gasoline price keep on rising due to limited resources on the earth. (See also Gasoline Price History)

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Ford motor company longest recalls

Ford motor company recalls again! DETROIT (AP) — Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it will add 4.5 million older-model vehicles to the long list of those recalled because a defective cruise control switch could cause a fire. The latest voluntary action pushes Ford’s total recall due to faulty switches to 14.3 million registered vehicles over 10 years, capping the company’s largest cumulative recall in history involving a single problem.

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1974 Ford crew wheelbase

1974 Ford crew wheelbase information is shared here! The Ford crew is rated as one of the greatest crew car that being build in the 70’s. During 1974, the F-series of full-size pickup trucks or crew made by Ford Motor Company falls to sixth generation model (1973-1979) where the truck car was redesigned in 1973. According to Ford Motor Company SWOT analysis, the most popular and best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years is the F-150. The F150 has also been the best-selling trucks for 31 years.

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2008 Ford Edge oil specifications

2008 ford edge oil specifications is available here in detail for the only Ford Edge model that available in the market which is U387. This car model was first launched in year 2006 and then available in sport version during year 2008. The Ford Edge Sport begin the sales as 2009 model that come with 20-inch wheels and 22-inch wheels as optional, isn’t it as cool as pimped out cars?