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It’s Mini Mouse, Not Mickey Mouse!

Photo credit: Any McPhail
Well, it’s Mini Mouse from the Mini land, not the Mickey Mouse from the Disneyland. A mini lover, Andy McPhail from Taunton Somerset, United Kingdom has just posted a piece of art he did on a classic Mini few hours ago on Facebook. It catches our eyes and it is a MUST for us to share it to the world. The Mini does not have any extra large cool wheels or high horsepower engine but it has grey furry skin, a pair of large pink ears, a …

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What are you planning to do if you own a Lamborghini Murcielago?

What are you planning to do if you have a 650 hp Lamborghini Murcielago falls into your hand? I believe most of the people will love it, kiss it, polish it, park the car as close as to their bed and have a peep every 20 minutes to see if the car still there.
However, not everything thinks the same. Far East in theAsiathere is a company called PHKOSUGI tried to promote their LED lights and turn the car into Troncielago. They fitted the car with a new Aventador look-a-like body …

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View custom wheels on my car

Can I view custom wheels on my car? Thought of buying a set of custom wheels but don’t know how it look like on your car? Here we lead to view it virtually. There are many programs, games, and software available in the internet allows you to customize your own car, design your own custom car and customize a car with body color, wheels, tinted, accessories and among others. It gives you a virtual look of how your car will be after putting your desire wheels. The preview of the …

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List of custom wheels manufacturers

Here is the most complete list of custom wheels manufacturers and brand from A to Z. Nice wheels just make any carslook nice.

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Where can I virtually customize my car

Where can I virtually customize my car? Yes you have found the right place, it is here! We provide few effective software for you to virtually customize your own car here online. Most of this virtual software can customize any cars, the car has included the famous Japanese made Honda, BMW and also Nissan cars. It is fun, easy, and virtually like customizing a real own car. Let’s check out this software.

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Custom car drawing

Here’s your tasty A-list of custom car drawing pictures, caricatures, images, as well as how to draw cars in step by step detail. These drawings have included custom cars, cartoon cars, classic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, and also customize cars. Custom cars has got no rules where you can draw anything to your own art, you can add machine gun to your muscle car, over size car wheel to make it look unique, an exaggerate fire from the exhaust pipe…etc. Remember, “Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation”.