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These Minis are green, but they are green in style

Want to put a new color to your car but don’t know what color to paint? If you love green but get bored with the ordinary British Racing Green, here we have got some really special Minis with different kind of green colors. The first one is nothing but Neil Turner’s Mini painted in Ford Ultimate green. The car is fitted with a set of 13-inch wheels painted in black. Roof and both bumpers are made to look like carbon fiber. Twin tank at the back with Aston style fuel …

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Another Show Winning Mini with A.J. Interior

This is a show winning Mini Cooper with A.J. Interior. The car stands above all other Minis attended to the show like a crane strutting among a flock of chickens. The owner of the car customize the outlook with a modified bodykit that looks like one of Rover’s finest and rarest Mini Cabriolet. Wheels are 13” x 7” deep dish Minilite to match with the wider arches.

The car is painted with British Racing Green, one of the most notable car paint on classic Mini. On top of the hood, there …

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Crazily modified Austin Se7en Van

The Mini MK1 Austin Se7en Van was produced between 1960 and 1961. The original car features a MK1 slatted grille, 10-inch wheels with 4-inch wide tires, an 848-cc engine, and double swinging doors at the back. The wheelbase of the car has been increased but the size engine bay is still the same with other MK1 Mini. However, this man, Roadrunner 45 from Hawthorn Woods, Illionious, has managed to place a LS1 engine into the engine bay of a 1966 Austin Se7en Van. He has created the “World’s quickest mini” …

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World’s ugliest customize car

Someone, probably a man, has tried to customize this Fiat 126 and it turns out really ugly. It has set a new record as the ugliest customize car in the world. Look at that monster-type bodykits, weird front bumper, rubbish-look-a-like spoiler, creepy car hood and wheels. What the hell he is thinking?
If you want to customize your own car, make sure you have follow the top five steps we mentioned before. Starting from engine and performance parts to chassis and wheels, and then customize the exterior with nice bodykits or …

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Mini with special body color that blinks

Photo share from Henry Cox/Facebook
If you are rebuilding your Mini and have no idea about body color, perhaps a 3K pearl paint with special effect? It is unique, special, and it blinks. That’s Mini!

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Ten craziest modified exotic cars

All of us know that exotic cars aren’t cheap to own one. Some people prefer to collect them in their living room but some will spend thousands of dollars to modify them. Some people love them too much and not willing to step hard on the gas pedal but some will rape their exotics. Whatever your preference is, let’s check out these top ten craziest modified exotic cars of all time, make sure your eye don’t pop out!