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1960 Austin Seven 850 MK1 is expected to fetch £30,000 at auction

This super-duper brand new looking 1960 Austin Seven 850 MK1 isn’t recently restored. It has been preserved after the car covered 2,618 miles from new. Yes, it is 2,618 on the odometer, you did not read our article by mistake and we did not type it wrong too. Many 1960 Austin Sevens running on the road today (if they are still running) probably has clocked two rounds on the odometer. It is definitely a rare barn find and Mini enthusiasts don’t need a time machine to go back to 1960 …

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These Minis are green, but they are green in style

Want to put a new color to your car but don’t know what color to paint? If you love green but get bored with the ordinary British Racing Green, here we have got some really special Minis with different kind of green colors. The first one is nothing but Neil Turner’s Mini painted in Ford Ultimate green. The car is fitted with a set of 13-inch wheels painted in black. Roof and both bumpers are made to look like carbon fiber. Twin tank at the back with Aston style fuel …

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It’s just half of a Mini

Gary Houston from Newcastle, United Kingdom, has one really exciting Mini. The car is half of an ordinary Austin Mini. What? Just half? Yes, the ordinary Mini is small enough but this mini Mini is one of a kind. Two of these cars only need to pay one parking ticket because they are able to fit into one parking lot.

This mini Mini is painted in metallic yellow. The front looks like an ordinary Austin Mini but the rear seats and roof top have been chopped off. Down there, it was …

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Mini Cooper Diecast – some nice photographs

Here are some nice photographs of a MK1 Mini Cooper Diecast taken by Howsen – a member of Malaysiaminilover and also a Mini aficionado who have owned Minis for more than a decade. The Mini Cooper is exactly “On The Road” without paying any taxes because it is a diecast, a toy car, a model or whatsoever you prefer to call it. In some photos, the red Cooper is sitting on a black huge sport car, guess what is the car? Note from the owner of these pictures: These pictures …

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The coolest car window decal ever

This car attracted our editors’ eye when we surf the web looking for special Mini. It’s not the car that is special but the car window decal that made everyone laugh out loud include the British and Germans. If we would to choose the coolest car window decal of 2012, we will definitely pick this – TRUE BRIT NO GERMAN SHIT. Photo above via Flickr Ticklishula.

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Mini checkmate 1275 edition

A Mini checkmate was spotted in a parking lot today. It is not the 2006 Mini Cooper S Checkmate but it is the classic Mini Cooper customized with checkmate hood and side mirror. Rather than 17-inch “flame spoke” alloy wheels, this Mini checkmate is running on the standard 12” x 5” Minilite painted in black color.

The checkmate package includes black and white design on the car hood, side mirror, and paired with black wheel arches. Front is using MK1 bumper with over rider and two huge stainless steel spotlights is …