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Marco’s 1992 Mini British Open

The Mini featured here today is Marco Diomedi’s MK6 1992 Mini British Open fromItaly. The car is painted in a notable British Racing Green with two silver stripes on the bonnet. A look from the front, the most eye-catching is the four spotlights with Union Flag and the chrome stone guard fitted to protect the headlamp. A look from the side, Diomedi added a few custom decals to make the car look unique other than the original coachlines with “British Open Classic” decals and coat of arms. Wheels are still …

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Another Show Winning Mini with A.J. Interior

This is a show winning Mini Cooper with A.J. Interior. The car stands above all other Minis attended to the show like a crane strutting among a flock of chickens. The owner of the car customize the outlook with a modified bodykit that looks like one of Rover’s finest and rarest Mini Cabriolet. Wheels are 13” x 7” deep dish Minilite to match with the wider arches.

The car is painted with British Racing Green, one of the most notable car paint on classic Mini. On top of the hood, there …

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2000 Mini Classic Seven

The MK7 Mini Classic Seven was introduced in April 2000 as soon as the cute little car roared onto the scene in 1959. It was designed to look like an original Austin Seven Mini in 1959. The car came in three colours: Solar Red, Old English White, and Black. The Mini Classic Seven shared here is belongs to Adam Bailey who bought it in April 2000. We had this pictures back in 2011 but now we are not sure if he still keeping the car.

Although the car was designed to …

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2000 Mini Cooper Sport

On October 4th 2000, it is the day where the production of the Sir Alec Issigonis Mini ends. The last Mini, a red MK7 Mini Cooper Sport 500 rolls off the Longbridge production line, marking the end of an era. The pictures shared here is one of the Mini Cooper Sport built in 2000 in British Racing Green. It was one of the last few limited edition Minis in 2000 fitted with multi-point injection engine with the purpose to lower emissions, noise, and to increase the performance.

Under the hood, the …

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Island Blue Mini 40 LE

1999 Mini 40 LE Island Blue
The Mini 40 was built in 1999 to celebrate the 40th anniversary for this little car. Only 250 units were built for the UK market in Island Blue, Mulberry Red, Old English White, and Tahiti Blue Metallic. This is the Island Blue Mini 40 LE which is an extremely rare car to find in the market today. It features Mini 40 decals, chrome “GB” on the boot, four spotlights, body-color matched leather seats, alloy dashboard and a luxury interior. The car is definitely a nice addition to …

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Mulberry Red Mini 40

1999 Mini 40 Mulberry Red. Photo via greatgrowler on Flickr
The Mini 40 was built in 1999 to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Mini. Only 250 units were built for the UK and this is the 1999 Mini 40 in Mulberry Red. The available color are Island Blue, Mulberry Red, Old English White, and Tahiti Blue Metallic.

Mini 40 Interior with body-colour matched leather seat. Photo via autoweb.co.uk

Mulberry Red Mini 40. Photo via carandclassic.co.uk

Mini 40th Anniversary decals on both side