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66 Mini bonnet badges

This is a combination of 66 Mini bonnet badges. All of them are fitted to different red Mini bonnets. From the oldest Austin bonnet badge to the latest Cooper Sport badge, almost all the Mini bonnet badges from 1959 until 2000 are here including the Austin Cooper MK1 badge, MINI badge, Austin Mini MK1 badge, Morris Mini MK1 badge, Morris Cooper MK1 badge, Austin Cooper MK2 badge, Austin Cooper S MK2 badge, Morris Cooper S MK2 badge, Mini Leyland badge, Austin Cooper S MK3 badge, The Italian Job badge, Mini …

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A well-preserved 1991 Mini Mayfair up for sale

This is a well-preserved 1991 Mini Mayfair with 2999.6 miles displayed on the odometer. It is now up for sale grab! As you can see from the pictures, the car is in excellent condition inside out and everything remained original. The odometer shows only 2999.6 miles is believed to be genuine because of the condition of the car. Averagely, the car only travels 142 miles each year. That’s 19,858 miles lesser than an average mile driven per driver per year in the U.S. The 21 year-old Mayfair is either well …

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Nice, unique and special customized Mini interior

The interior of a Mini is started with just a simple speedometer with odometer in the center. It was then added with temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge at both sides. Minis from MK4 generation and above received three binnacle meters and cars exported to Japanese market are added with air-condition. It has become more and more complicated especially MK7 but the size of the car remained the same.
Mini is a small car just like a sparrow but it is complete with all its internal organs intact – small but …

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Hot and Spicy Chili Red Mini Cooper

This is a 1995 Mini Cooper. The car was recently repainted in chili red, the color of the hottest heat. Now it’s even dazzling with chrome wiper, body-colour matched wide wheel arches, 13-inch Sportspack wheels, two strong and bright front spotlights, and the iconic white bonnet stripes. Well, look at the photos again and it could be nicer with chrome washer set as well as windscreen chrome fillet. The design of this car is common in classic Mini world but it often wins a lot of flashlights from camera in …

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A different way to fix the door to your Mini

If you feel boring with the ordinary way to open your car door, why not try something like this? This Mini (probably a MK5) is spotted in the UK during a car event. Everything looks normal except the MK1 door hinges is fitted the other way round. It catches a lot of flashlights from different cameras because the yellow door looks a little bit odd. Well, at lease it is something special. DO try this at home.

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Mini rollover, eat some mud, and back on road again

Before the rollover crash
A red color Mini had a rollover accident during a classic Mini convoy from Kuala Lumpurto Pahang last year. The driver is believed lose control and leave the roadway and crashed in the canyon that is about three meters deep. He did not get pinned in the car and he is managed to get out from the car. A tow truck was there to tow the car out from the mud. No injuries occurred as a result of the accident.

As for the poor red Mini, it received …