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Mini Cooper Windshield Art

There comes a guy that came up an idea to turn dirty dusty Mini Cooper cars windshield into a piece of momentary art. Look at the dusty Mini Cooper picture, and the transformation to become a piece of art.

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£50,000 Classic Mini Cooper

Have u ever see a £50,000 Mini Cooper? I believe car lovers who love Mini has seen a lot of customize Mini, but have you see a £50,000 Mini? It is not a MK1, MK2, MK3 or MK4… It is an ordinary MK7 body with devil engine that produce 160bhp!! It is a Mini that can comparable with any muscle car. Look at how funny was Jeremy Clarkson’s fashion and his review when he tried out the Mini, it’s all fun!

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BMW MINI launched a social network website

BMW MINI Middle East has launched a social network website which actually has nothing to do with any BMW MINI Cooper or cars! What does BMW stand for? The BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. The MINIspace.com is a virtual gallery and a social network blog. It did not have any idea came from the MINI car regardless of BMW Mini One or the MINI Cooper S R56. The website is said that it is a clever use of space, tiny outside roomy inside. So it is all about creative use of space. Angelina is …

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Mini Cooper Wallpaper

The best Mini and MINI Cooper wallpaper are available to download here for free! Mini Cooper desktop wallpaper, mini print wallpaper all in high resolution 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 800, 1024 x 768…etc. Sharp and beautiful Mini Cooper wallpaper. Mini is the cult car since sixties since Mini MK1, Mini MK2, Mini MK3, Mini MK4, .. Mini MK7, BMW MINI Cooper R50, MINI Cooper R56, and MINI Cooper S R56 until today, I am sure this wallpaper will attract you to download it and show it to your computer’s desktop.

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My 1959 Mini Tyres Smash Up!

My 1959 Mini Tyres Smash Up! I was cleaning my “car garage” this morning and I found that one of the mini models / die-cast that I collect look different. When I look at it carefully, I found that the tyres of the car smash up! This is the 1959 MK1 Mini die-cast that I bought it from Toy City few years back. What a unlucky day.

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Over the year ever since the Mini MK1 born in 1959, there are quite a number of Mini books available in the market. Just like the Mini car, some of these books are limited edition due to the limited publication. Today Angelina is going to introduce some of the Mini related book over 50 years in Malaysia Mini Lover to all Mini lovers.