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Britney Spears getting out of car


Here are pictures of Britney Spears getting out of car. Britney rocks the world again when she getting out of car uncovered with short skirt and no underwear. Same as some other celebrity in U.S, Britney Spears owns many nice cars but each time she getting out of car, paparazzi took a lot of pictures and published on media, this has become a hot topic in the world and why Britney is so famous.

Britney spears, a girl born in December 2, 1981 becoming famous ever since her first debut single released in October 1998. The album “…Baby One More Time” parked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1999 and topped the chart for two weeks. Other than that, the album has also hit many Hot and Top song list in many countries around the world.

If Britney works as a car model, she will be hot car girls, pretty car girls, sweet car girls, girls on cars, or even hot car wash girls.

Britney spears gets out of car uncovered. Is Paris Hilton trying to cover it by her hand in the picture? Britney seems look drunk in her green cloth.

“Oops! I did it again” Britney is flashing her crotch again. It’s been few times in separate incidents over the years. “I think I did it again. I made you believe, We’re more than just friends”

See also how Paris Hilton getting out of car, Britney spears in her Mini Cooper.

“Cause to lose all my sense… That is just so typically me. Oh, baby, baby.” “Oops! You think I’m in love. That I’m sent from above… I’m not that innocent”

That’s the way how Britney gets out of car.

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